A technical discussion on firearms, shooting and reloading.

Aurora IPSC Level 2 Match April 16-17 2016

Thanks to everyone that helped run the match! I did not shoot a great match, there were some misses and some penalty hits, but I am really enjoying being able to review my performance after that match. On the long stage I was picking up my magazines and realized my ... Read more »

Single Stage Reloading

If you read my Press Selection Guide and chose Use Case Number 1 these are your next steps. Also see the Brass Cleaning Guide. I'll assume you have bought a Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger Kit and a 4 Die kit from Lee. This guide will help you reload any ... Read more »

Cleaning Brass

You can get away with skipping the brass cleaning step for a little while. Especially while first leaning to reload. At a minimum you can wash your brass with Methyl Hydrate. Eventually you are going to need a solution for cleaning large amounts of brass. There are three popular methods. ... Read more »

Rouge River Arms IPSC Team and their gear

This is live document that will change often. I will also leave names out. If you are a member of IPSC Ontario, it won't be hard to figure out who we are. CM Primary Setup: Production Class GrandPower K100. 9mm. Bladetech belt, Ghost 360 magazine pouches. Secondary Setup: Classic Class. ... Read more »

Beginners Guide for Reloading Press Options

There are many types of machines and methods for reloading. This article will cover the average shooter that wants to start reloading so that they can shoot more at a lower cost. Commercial ammo in almost $20 for 50 rounds and bulk reloaded 9mm goes for about $90 for 300 ... Read more »