This is live document that will change often. I will also leave names out. If you are a member of IPSC Ontario, it won't be hard to figure out who we are.


Primary Setup: Production Class GrandPower K100. 9mm. Bladetech belt, Ghost 360 magazine pouches.
Secondary Setup: Classic Class. STI Spartan in 45 ACP. Shooters Gear Belt. LHS Holster, LHS magazine pouches.
Experimental Setup: Open Class. Glock 21, EFK FireDragon threaded barrel with compensator. Trigger, disconnector, extended mag release, over-travel stop from Rock Your Glock. DoubleAlpha Belt, CR Speed WSM II holster, Ghost 360 magazine pouches.


Primary Setup: Classic Class. STI Trojan in 9mm. Ambidextrous Safety, and STI Magwell. Tripp Research 10 round magazines. DoubleAlpha Belt, DoubleAlpha PDR Pro Holster, CR Speed Versa magazine pouches.
Secondary Setup: Revolver Class. Smith and Wesson Model 14 with 6" competition barrel and Wichita Sight. Safariland Comp III speedloaders. Shooters gear belt, Safariland Speedloader Holders.

More to come...